Top 5 Beaches To Visit In Maharashtra

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Top 5 Beaches To Visit In Maharashtra :

□ Alibaug :

Top 5 Beaches To Visit In Maharashtra

• The beach of the namesake of the Alibaug coast, Alibaug beach is one among the foremost popular beaches with the sight of Colaba Fort providing the right view.A short boat ride from the beach will take you to the favored fort which has been the sight of the many skirmishes in history.
• The bastion was also the sight of the headquarters of the Maratha Army. While here, you’ll also visit the Ganpati Temple, which is nearly 400 years old.
• Popular amongst locals also as tourists, the Alibaug beach has remained popular for the past a few years for its clean coastline with slightly of history!

□ Kashid :

Top 5 Beaches To Visit In Maharashtra
• Located almost 30 km from Alibaug and 125 km from Mumbai, Kashid Beach is situated on the coasts of Arabian Sea .
• Famous for its beautiful white colour sand, Kashid is one among the cleanest beaches in north Konkan.
• The beach is stretched across 3 km and surrounded by shrubs and trees called Casuarina.
• One can enjoys watersports, go night camping and luxuriate in the gorgeous night sky or simply choose horseriding on the beach.
• Visit Murud Janjira Fort located at a distance of 20 km from Kashid for a slice of history. Towering up from a huge rock amidst the stretching azure of the Arabian Sea , this fort has stood the test of your time also because the test of resilience within the past.
Weekends at Kashid beach are quite crowded so it might be best to go to on weekdays.

□ Diveagar :

Top 5 Beaches To Visit In Maharashtra
Diveagar beach may be a charming natural beauty situated within the Raigad district of Maharashtra and is situated 170 kilometres faraway from the capital city of Mumbai.
• Diveagar Beach may be a quaint amalgam of greenery and azure water with gentle sprinkles of white sand.
• Another unique aspect of the beach is that it’s not a flat surface beach, rather, the wavy shores of the Diveagar beach along side the strong tides from the Arabian Sea make it a perfect setting for sea surfing.
• The coastline of the Diveagar Beach stretches across the length of 5 kilometres which is laden with the palm, Beatles and casuarina trees that are commonly found in Maharashtrian soil.
• one among the simplest ways to navigate an equivalent is by taking a night stroll along the frothy sea because the sun sets within the backdrop. night time also involve buggy rides which is an adventure in its title .

□ Shrivardhan :

Top 5 Beaches To Visit In Maharashtra
• At a distance of 20 km from Harihareshwar and 110 km from Alibaug, Shrivardhan Beach may be a pristine beach located at Shrivardhan town in Raigad district of Maharashtra.
• Shrivardhan Beach is about 3 km long, very clean and really calm.
• The beach is one among the prominent attractions of Shrivardhan town and also one among the favored beaches in Maharashtra.
• The majestic white sand coastline is bestowed with striking palm groves and mango plantations. One can find water sports activities like boating, paragliding, and water surfing at this beach.
• It’s also a perfect place for swimming because the waters are shallow.
• Shrivardhan also offers spectacular views of sunset. The beach is that the place for seafood lovers and adventure buffs. Tourists can enjoy different sorts of seafood during this beach.
• This place is understood for its gentle winds, soft sands and alluring waters.
Trekking the cliffs of Shrivardhan is additionally a serious attraction for adventure seekers.

□ Harihareshwar :

Top 5 Beaches To Visit In Maharashtra
• one among the less crowded beaches in Maharashtra, the Harihareshwar beach is found within the Raigad district, around 200km from Mumbai.
Surrounded by four hills named Harihareshwar, Harshinachal, Bramhadri and Pushpadri, Harihareshwar is usually mentioned as Dev-Ghar or “house of God”.
It’s usually called as ‘Dakshin Kashi’ due to its temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.
• The calm beach of Harishareshwar along side the Shrivardhan Beach within the northern side and Diveagar Beach within the southern part is one of the favored beaches that’s frequented by all nature buffs.
• Besides, water sports like paragliding and surfing are a number of the items to try to to besides shopping souvenirs and tasting local juices: jambhul and amrit kokum, when during this beach.

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